Farmers associates Pakistan (Guarantee) limited

The agriculture sector in Pakistan is unique in is economic and demographic dimensions:

  1. It contributes around 22% to the GDP

  2. Employs over 51% of the labour force,

  3. Provides livelihood to 70% of the population and Accounts for 65% of the foreign exchange earning from exports, either in the form of raw commodities or value added goods. Despite this significance, agriculture still remains the most neglected misunderstood and ignored sector of the economy and needs much priority and incentives to achieve its real potential.

Most urban dwellers and a section of intelligentsia believe agrarian community to be a federal monolith, which is not true anymore. Pakistan’s agrarian community is extremely diversified today. It embodies a wide range of categories, from subsistence-oriented small farmers and landless tenants (dependent upon animal husbandry) all the way to commercial farmers and entrepreneurs venturing into modern and applied research. The importance of agriculture has often been stated by the axiom that all great economies were built on the “ backs of the farmers”.

In Pakistan this dependence of industrial growth has occurred without the synergy of vertical integration between these two vital sectors. Agriculture sector today is a complex and diversified undertaking interacts with other vital issues such as national security economic growth policies, environmental aspects balance of payment, energy supplies and unemployment etc.

a) Being at the national level, there is no representative professional instruction, which can effectively articulate the paradoxes and prospects of this vital sector.

"Hence the need for FAP"